Myxomatosis Vol. 12: Fear Loathe Live Love

By Jordan Mandel


(Listen here, or on Soundcloud)

Live set from Show & Tell, during a renegade, off-the map set at the nerve centre of Kitchener's Night\Shift.

A deep trip to the heart of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, itself a savage journey to the heart of the American Dream. Carefully curated sounds to keep the good people of Kitchener body moving, and in equal parts to keep Dr. Thompson's spirit alive.

What is Myxomatosis? A disease passed to rabbits from infected fleas or mosquitoes that will usually kill them within two weeks of contracting it. But that's not this Myxomatosis. This Myxomatosis is equal servings nostalgia, ass-shakin' (or at least toe-tappin') grooves, and usually a dollop or two of sampled audio to tie the whole thing together. The result? Enchantment through sound.


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