Jordan Mandel closeup headshot

Composer  //  DJ  //  Sound Architect

What do you get when you combine a Master of Popular Music and Culture*, a person with a keen knowledge of Mac keyboard shortcuts,  and someone with a keen appreciation for well-crafted paper airplanes?

Spoke And Mirror.

Based in Berlin, Ontario (aka Kitchener), Spoke And Mirror is one of Jordan Mandel's major sound projects. Part texture, part glitch; part broken, part fixed. Carefully designed music that explores how both your heart and your loudspeakers are capable of beating.

Spoke And Mirror tracks have been featured on CBC’s The Strombo Show and The Signal, numerous playlists and mixes, and the previous full-length album climbed to #5 on !earshot’s national electronic chart. In the last 12 months, outside of North America there has been a groundswell of interest in France, the UK, Brazil, Germany and Egypt, particularly of Spoke And Mirror’s Majical Cloudz Downtown Remix.



* Documentation available upon request.