The Music Is the Message

By Jordan Mandel

Released: Dec 2012


The Music is The Message album art

Marking Spoke And Mirror's first full-length release, The Music Is the Message is a modernization of Marshall McLuhan's philosophy of media. An icon in 1960s popular culture, McLuhan's message resonates in our hyper-accelerated internet era, in which our social media echo like the tribal drums he wrote about nearly 50 years before the arrival of Twitter and Facebook.

This album works snippets of McLuhan's soundbites and works into a tapestry of rich sounds composed carefully to bring sense to McLuhan's sometimes cryptic understanding of media. This project was a Masters thesis project which was later repackaged for commercial release. Western University can happily proclaim this project earned its creator his Masters in Popular Music and Culture, despite an abundance of trials and tribulations along the way.




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